miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

So here we are now at the end of our road. So many questions going unanswered. These streets are dark and led me far from you.And you never noticed that I was gone. And now I'm standing here alone. Still I hold my head up high. The time has come for me to leave. It's the only way to survive. There's no need now for you to say word. Your sacrifices for me took a turn. I hope you're sailing free and on your way. And I hope that you think of me each day.

~ Standing Alone - In this moment- (Metalcore)

(Me encantan las letras de In this Moment, me siento identificada con cada palabra .. Maria brink canta las cosas que a mi me gustaria decir).

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Juliana dijo...

por supuesto que te sigooo. gracias por pasar por mi blogg, muy lindo el tuo tambiennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. un beso enorme

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